MonsterInsights Review

A free trial of MonsterInsights is available, but the premium version offers more features. The free version displays your total number of sessions and the number of visitors per page. The premium version allows you to sort by posts, comments, share counts, and website content. You can also manually choose which posts are the most popular. You can see which of your posts receive the most traffic. Depending on your budget, you can choose one of two plans: the free version or the paid one.

The MonsterInsights add-on is free, and it can track your eCommerce sales and revenue. You can track popular categories, top products, and digital downloads, and track your top affiliate links. You can even calculate the total income you’ve earned during a given period. There are a number of other features as well, including an ability to track the number of visitors in different countries, and even the most popular authors.

There are two different types of plans available for MonsterInsights: free and agency. The free version has a 14-day money-back guarantee, and allows you to view the Top Download Links report. The paid plan is $ 199 for the Pro version, and $99. It allows you to use Google Analytics, and is available to any size website. If you decide to go with the paid version, you can track your SEO scores, popularity of your articles, and more. You can even customize your tracking for PDF downloads, as well. And if you want to expand your business beyond your own site, you can sign up for the Agency plan, which is $399 for the Pro version.

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If you want more advanced features, MonsterInsights offers a Pro plan. The paid version is more customizable, but it’s still affordable enough for most businesses. It tracks everything from file downloads to eCommerce, including Google AMP and Facebook instant articles. It’s a powerful tool for tracking your online marketing strategy. The plugin is free to use, and you’ll need a Gmail account to activate it. You’ll find a free lite version of the plugin that meets your basic analytical needs.

The free version of MonsterInsights doesn’t require any coding. However, it can be useful to see which posts are popular, and which ones are not. It also has a custom dimension that tracks extra metrics. If you’re using a free version, you can use the free one to set up analytics for eCommerce. The paid version offers a variety of other features, including reporting on traffic and audience behavior.

The free version has an excellent free trial version, but it’s a pricier premium version includes more advanced features. You can connect to Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 to track your website’s data. The plugin is easy to install and requires no coding. Once installed, MonsterInsights provides detailed statistics and analysis of your site’s data. Its data can be accessed through the WordPress Dashboard. Its advanced stats feature will provide you with the best way to monitor your website’s traffic and performance.

The plugin is compatible with WordPress and can display data on your site. It also allows you to track your Yoast focus keyword, which correlates with the number of visits. By analyzing your website’s traffic, you can choose the most profitable sections to advertise. In addition, you can monitor your website’s bounce rate, which indicates the amount of times people are staying on your site. This tool will help you make better decisions regarding your marketing strategy and increase your conversions.

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You can export your reports to PDF format or email them to your team. You can add as many email addresses as you need to, and they can be sent to any recipient. You can also share your reports with other people by posting the links on your website or through sharing the results. If you’re looking for a more detailed analysis, you can choose the premium or free version. The Pro and Plus versions both come with additional features.

The free version of MonsterInsights has three different pricing plans, which can vary according to your needs. Nevertheless, it provides numerous advantages and simplifies the usage of Google Analytics. It also displays the number of visitors to each post. Its inbuilt headline analyzer makes it easy to write SEO-friendly headlines, which is important if you’re looking for SEO. If your website has external links, you should monitor the links with this plugin.

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