10 Ways to cut Costs on Utilities and other Household Bills

Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use to reduce "phantom" energy consumption.

Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Use a programmable thermostat to regulate your home's temperature and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Install low-flow showerheads and faucets to reduce water usage.

Wash clothes in cold water to save energy and reduce water heating costs.

Use a drying rack or clothesline instead of a dryer to save on energy costs.

Seal air leaks around doors and windows to prevent drafts and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Cook meals at home instead of eating out to save money on food and restaurant bills.

Shop around for better deals on household services such as internet, phone, and cable.

Use public transportation, carpool, or bike to work instead of driving alone to save on gas and transportation costs.

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