Current Affairs MCQ With Answers

In which year, first census was conducted in India?

[A] 1884 [B] 1872 [C] 1881 [D] 1891

Correct Answer: B [1872]

What is the correct chronological order of setting up of the following Commissions? 1. Macdonell Commission 2. First Industrial Commission 3. First Fiscal commission

[A] 1, 2, 3 [B] 2, 3, 1 [C] 2, 1, 3 [D] 1, 3, 2

Correct Answer: A [1, 2, 3]

Which among the following was Last Hindu Empire of India?

[A] Maratha Empire [B] Durrani Empire [C] Kingdom of Mysore [D] Sikh Empire

Correct Answer: A [Maratha Empire]

In which among the following provinces of India, the first signs of unrest during the mutiny of 1857 appeared?

[A] Madras [B] Bombay [C] Punjab [D] Bengal, Bihar and Odisha

Correct Answer: D [Bengal, Bihar and Odisha]

Who among the following was the first Indian to get selected in ICS (Indian Civil Services)?

[A] Ras Bihari Bose [B] Satyendra Nath Tagore [C] Devendranath Tagore [D] Surendranath Banerjee

Correct Answer: B [Satyendra Nath Tagore]

In which year Treaty of Amritsar was signed between Ranjit Singh and East India Company?

[A] 1800 [B] 1803 [C] 1806 [D] 1809

Correct Answer: D [1809]

Poverty and Un-British Rule in India by Dadabhai Naoroji, was the original classic work on poverty in India. In which year this work was published?

[A] 1900 [B] 1901 [C] 1903 [D] 1905

Correct Answer: B [1901]

Which among the following date in world history is known as D-day, a date also known as of Operation Neptune and Operation Overlord?

[A] 3 March 1943 [B] 6 March 1943 [C] 6 June 1944 [D] 6 June 1945

Correct Answer: C [6 June 1944]

Satya Shodhak Samaj” was founded by whom among the following ?

[A] Raja Rammohan Roy [B] Sant Tukaram [C] Mahatma Jyotiba Phule [D] None of them

Correct Answer: C [Mahatma Jyotiba Phule]

The efforts of which among the following leaders were successful passing of the Bombay Primary Education Act?

[A] Ganesh Vasudev Mavalanka [B] R. K. Shanmukham Chetty [C] Vitthal Bhai Patel [D] Govind Ballabh Pant

Correct Answer: C [Vitthal Bhai Patel]