Current Affairs MCQ With Answers

Election Commission recently declared February 8, 2020 as date of assembly elections in Delhi. What is the total number of seats in Delhi Legislative Assembly?

[A] 65 [B] 67 [C] 70 [D] 72

Correct Answer: C [ 70 ]

Recently the Election Commission of India has renewed the MoU on electoral cooperation with which country?

[A] Mauritius [B] Maldives [C] Malaysia [D] Myanmar

Correct Answer: A [Mauritius]

Which state has recently made reading of preamble to constitution as a mandatory practice in schools?

[A] Uttar Pradesh [B] Madhya Pradesh [C] Gujarat [D] Maharashtra

Correct Answer: B [Madhya Pradesh]

The 70th anniversary of the establishment of Diplomatic relations between India and which country, was celebrated on April 1?

[A] Thailand [B] China [C] Japan [D] Nepal

Correct Answer: B [China]

As per the recent notification from the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), which industry has been exempted from the lockdown?

[A] Coal Mining [B] Fishing and Aquaculture [C] Textile [D] Automobile

Correct Answer: B [Fishing and Aquaculture]

NADA, a national organisation under the Ministry of Sports is set conduct its disciplinary hearings online. What does D stand for in NADA?

[A] Direct [B] Doping [C] Disciplinary [D] Delhi

Correct Answer: B [Doping]

Coir Board is a statutory body functioning under which Union Ministry of India?

[A] Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers welfare [B] Ministry of MSME [C] Ministry of Commerce and Industry [D] Ministry of Rural Development

Correct Answer: B [Ministry of MSME]

India is developing a 30-second rapid testing kit for Covid-19, in collaboration with which country?

[A] United States [B] Russia [C] Israel [D] Germany

Correct Answer: C [Israel]

What is the name of the performance dash board of Ministry of Tribal Affairs launched recently?

[A] Empowering Tribals, Transforming India Dashboard [B] Go Tribal Dashboard [C] Tribal Transformation Dashboard [D] Tribes India Dashboard

Correct Answer: A [Empowering Tribals, Transforming India Dashboard]

The documentary film named “The Next Frontier: India’s Smart Cities” was premiered on 15th August by which agency?

[A] Discovery [B] National Geographic [C] RS TV [D] BBC News

Correct Answer: B [National Geographic]